Vatamassage is Sharmaine Solmis. Sharmaine has developed her own unique style of massage over the last 10 years of professionally practicing massage. Don’t take our word for it, read what her clients have to say:

Sharmaine ROCKS! I was visiting Seattle for a week and after the long drive really needed a massage. The working over I got from Sharmain wasn’t what I had in mind, but it was AMAZING. I could tell a difference the second I got up from the table, and I slept like a baby that night. If I lived in the Seattle area, I’d be here every two weeks.

-Bettie G., Kennewick


I’ve had a variety of massages and this one ranks as one of the best. I saw Sharmain and she was amazing! She gave me a deep massage and really worked out all of the knots in my back and neck. After the massage, she demonstrated a few stretches that will help the stiffness in my neck and keep my migraines at bay. I ‘ve never had a massuese take the time to do that before! I will definetely be back in the future!

-Melissa S., Seattle


I have gone to Sharmain Soimis a few times now and am truly impressed. Since trying other therapists, I found she was able to diagnose what was ailing me and address the specific issues that I had. Other therapists I’ve been to, gave me a decent massage but I didn’t feel they addressed what was bothering me. Charmaigne is no slouch when it comes to her massage. I prefer a deep tissue and she does not disappoint. She completely exemplifies the mean girls slogan. She hurts you for your own good. I would fully recommend her.

-Jason W., Seattle


Sharmine is an awesome, amazing and talented massage therapist. After a long week of doing crazy mechanical work that involves me bending my body in ways that it was not meant to, I will go and get a 90 minute session with Sharmine. She finds all my tight and knotted up muscles and works them out. When I leave I feel so much looser and just all together more relaxed. Usually a little sore the next day but that’s just part of having a truly good massage. I can’t stress enough about how good she. Sharmine is communicative and knowledgeable about her work and she has a very kind and warm and personable demeanor.
Thanks Sharmine you are awesome!

-Benjamin Y., Seattle

Sharmine Soimis. I asked her to fix me. She did. I’m admittedly sore (from a massage…go figure), and she was unbelievable. This is the third service location that I’ve visited in Seattle, and I’m done looking. Sharmine. Amazing. One visit (last week), and two of my chronic pain spots and tendencies are gone. Amazing.

Unravel, in Magnolia, carried a chippy attitude at the front desk. Yuck. Not the type you want to deal with for a therapeutic experience. The other was just poor. The building at M3 wasn’t the most fancy, but I have no complaints. The service more than made up for what it lacked in frills.

I’m going back…much sooner than I thought I would want to.

-Chris C., Seattle